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We all have areas of our lives where we refuse to settle, where we know there’s more to gain, more to share, and more to enjoy.

I never settle for bad friends. I just don’t. Life is too short to waste it chasing people who don’t treat you right. As a result my inner social circle — the people I can call no matter what, to talk to about anything – is small. That’s an intentional choice. My truest friends have ruined all other friendships for me because they’ve shown me what unbridled love, respect, goofiness and kindness is like. It doesn’t mean that I’m not open to new friends, I LOVE THEM(!), but it does mean that my palette has been refined. I don’t settle for even casual friendships with people who aren’t kind. It’s like finding your perfect manicure spot. Once you’ve been to Olive & June, it’s impossible to return to Happy Nail.

Sometimes not settling means you have to let go of things, or people even when you’re not ready to cut the cord. It’s difficult but in the end I’ve found life is much richer when you spare yourself from the unnecessary baggage that comes along with accepting less than you deserve.

What are areas of your life where you refuse to settle? I wonder is it easier to settle in our personal, or professional lives?

Happy Friday Here’s A Puppy

palm trees

Hey, hey, hey. It’s FRIDAY you guys. I swear this Spring weather and those few extra hours of daylight are making me so happy that the weeks FLY by. This week was full of productivity. I’ve been working really hard at my new job, and writing non-stop at home so soon I should have a completed second draft of a project I’m working on. YAY! It feels so good to go for goals instead of just planning to get around to them in the future.

This weekend I’m going to run around to open houses (so much fun), hang out with the fam, and try to squeeze in a workout. I’ve been working consistently during the week, but it’s always so hard to stay disciplined on the weekends. Brunch, and cats always seem to distract me, but with summer looming all I can think about is: “bikini, bikini, bikini.” I swear if I say it out loud it makes me lunge deeper and jump higher just when I feel like I’m about to die. Do you guys workout on the weekends, or stick to a weekday routine? Any tips on how to space out workouts?

Today dear friends I leave you with one pretty picture of the sunset, and another of moi with a large Poodle print. Because why not?

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Why NOAH Swept Me Away

NOah MovieThere was no way that I was going to miss NOAH in theaters. NO WAY. I was a Religion minor guys – so obvi when I heard that the director of BLACK SWAN (Darren Aronofsky) had a flood epic coming out the AMC16 had already made $15 dollars.

All I can say is I have not seen a film I thought so genius in a long, long time. This imagining of Noah was a departure from Sunday school – it really hones in on the gravitas of a world so evil that its creator would want to kill every living being and start anew. Aronofsky also takes some great liberties when it comes to theological teachings, but none that I found so unreasonable or offensive as the story of Noah is only a few paragraphs long in Genesis. In fact the liberties the film took, for example reimaging the roll of angels after the fall, were so gorgeously executed that I was fascinated. In many ways NOAH’s epic nature reinvigorated my awe of God because it took me to the darkness I believe the tale is rooted in. Noah shouldn’t be compartmentalized in the Christian faith to coloring books with pictures of rainbows and smiling animals.

What surprised me the most about my NOAH experience was how deeply the vegetarian / vegan / green message’s arrow pierced my conscience. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about how on principle Noah would not kill an animal to eat, or take from the Earth what he didn’t need. He wouldn’t even allow his son to pick a flower. Perhaps its just because I’m on this new “no red meat,” kick which is turning into “only fish and turkey” kick (don’t ask me why I feel like I’m allowed to eat turkeys and not chickens I have no logical answer), but man this movie made me question the ethics of my consumption. I haven’t even been able to eat any meat since watching it. Noah’s message was simple and elegant in that respect: take what you need from the earth, no more. I’m teetering on a life change here; I can feel it.

So the long and short of it is: NOAH was a gorgeous film that I think religious and non-religious folks alike. It was poignant, brilliantly executed, and haunting in a green way. GO SEE IT, and tell me what you think, I’m super curious to hear other people’s reactions.

Weekend Snaps around Santa Monica

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Hey guys check out my new ride. NBD. Isn’t that paint trippy though? Saw this Maserati parked outside the Santa Monica place.

Fruit BowlBrunch at Amandie was a treat! Don’t be fooled, I ate French Toast, but I was so impressed with the generous fruit allocation I had to snap a picture.
sleeping catI call this Sleeping Meow.


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