Philz Coffee

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There is a whole world of pour-over coffee us SoCal inhabitants are being deprived of and it is called Philz Coffee. While we were walking through the Mission District we made it a point to stop at the original Philz Coffee and sip the brew that’s famous in the city. I was nervous you guys. I’m an espresso drinker. I love the bold, full flavor of a shot and I just didn’t think pour-over was gonna do it for me. Not at all. Philz’s entire menu conceit is based around discovering beans that are so flavorful and specific that they don’t need espresso, or much added flavor. Despite the long line, and the full cafe I was convinced that the  pour-over coffee would leave me feeling like I was drinking flavored water. Well, I was blind but now I see! I ordered the Mint Mojito, and it was so tasty and flavorful I could have sworn it had espresso in it. The real mint leaf garnish left me feeling refreshed, and activated my sense of smell, something the gross Syrup they pour into your cup at Starbucks just can’t do.

The Mission District was full of great surprises actually. As we walked, and sipped, and oohhed and ahhed at the coffee we bumped into homes and murals with tons of color, character, and life. Why aren’t all LA houses painted fun colors like the homes in San Francisco?! I love the happiness bright facades bring to the streets. The Mission District is such a unique blend of old and new, of privileged and working class — the diversity brings a cool cultural fusion to the neighborhood found in few other communities I’ve been to. I would have to blend the Downtown Arts District and Silverlake together to get anywhere close to The Mission. I can’t wait to stroll those happy streets again soon.

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Strolling under the Golden Gate Bridge

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While en route to the Fort Point I decided that it would be the perfect time to Snapchat. I’m not a big Snapchatter. I actually only open the app every three or four weeks, but the views from the road under the Golden Gate Bridge were just AMAZE so I thought now would be a good time. Really, the wind just made my hair stick to my lipgloss, and my arms are too short to take super cute selfies so it was kind of a dud, but then how could I complain considering I was standing right next to Goldie herself?!

I love the vibe around the bridge. We strolled through the park, and passed an old man painting, couples strolling, and kids on a citywide scavenger hunt. There was action everywhere, but none of it felt too overwhelming.  After hanging out in the shadow of the bridge and enjoying the energy for a while we decided we were exhausted, and hungry so we set out for our great Airbnb room over by the Mission District and just vegged for a while. Our hosts were AWESOME.  I loved staying with people who live in the city, as opposed to in a hotel because of the real human interaction you get. Instead of being a spectator in a new place with your nose in a guide book you’re able to meet people, hear about their favorite local spots, or how they ended up where they did. It made the entire trip more personal, and AFFORDABLE! Seriously guys, highly recommend.

Waves & Sunsets

When I feel emotionally drained I turn to the ocean. I’m not a surfer or even that good of a swimmer, but staring out at the waves, and watching the sun hit the water always makes me feel hopeful. The ocean is so powerful, an element so out of our control…and I think that’s why it always calms me.

You can’t control everything in life. There will never be a time when everything is JUST the way you want it. And that’s O.K. because life is still awesome, fun, beautiful and exciting while it’s imperfect. So take a breath, watch the waves hit the sand, and learn to enjoy life even though it’s messy. Here’s to a little Monday inspiration, and kicking this week’s butt!